End Of...? 

Well, September, to begin with.It's hard to believe that we (our country, generally, our household specifically) has been shut down by COVID for 6 months. Half a year.  We've been lucky. Diligent in our protocols, but still lucky; No one in our immediate family has gotten sick. So far. One niece and one nephew caught the virus early on, but had relatively minor symptoms and effected a full recovery. 

BUT - it's not over. The politicization of this issue will ensure a never ending rerun of finger-pointing and blame. 2020 in a nutshell: Finger-pointing. Blame and Shame.

We here at the House Of Strays hope you are remaining diligent in your protocols, whatever they may be. I like writing that sentence - diligent in your protocols.

Stay well and healthy and safe. And kind.

Land speculators fueled the frenzied drive West in the 1800s by selling semi-desert parcels as arable farmland. They maintained the "Rain follows the plow, men, rain follows the plow!" Here's my tune suggesting the contrary:


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  • Dawn
    Dawn Phoenix
    Thank you for your positivity!

    Thank you for your positivity!

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