The Truth Will Come Pt.2 

I stay away from the political, generally, in my music. At least the overtly political. Every once in a while something'll sneak in, though. (See "Around 
Here", from my CD Road Of Man). 

As I said last week, this lyric came to me unbidden, and compelled me to write it down. It's still very much a work in progress, but here's (possibly) the bridge:

You nightly dream of potentates 
By day you’re simply obdurate 
You render illegitimate 
All semblance of the legal 
Your electorate all salivate 
As daily you prevaricate 
The rest of us you immolate 
To satiate your ego
But the truth will come
Yes the truth will come

I know. Nothing subtle there.

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, and wear your mask.

Here's a tune for Justin Townes Earle, gone too soon. Milestones And Gravestones


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