Never Say Die (Before You Do) 

Pray with your eyes open as if there's something there to see
Don't pretend to be nothin that you don't really want to be
Don't rue your empty pockets or the holes in both your shoes
And never say die…


Everybody's Just A Heartbeat Away... 

...from the next thing. Here's another line from my song:

We can't be trusted to our own device.

Obviously true when you look at how we (societally) have dealt with the very real and very deadly threat of…


Wear A Mask. The Life You Save May Be Your Neighbor's 

Yep. As uncomfortable as it may be to some, wearing a mask isn't all about you. It's about me. It's about the service provider at the grocery store. It's about the kids down the street. It's about your neighbor's parents…


Another Life  

How many? How often? How sad. How Systemic.

When is enough, enough?

When YOU say it is.

Pull in the latch string and double-bar the door. Can't see no sin that way, son. Can't see no truth…


Cheers To The Creators 

It's tough to feel relevant these days. Speaking for myself, of course, not for you. I laud all my fellow artists and creators who are marshaling on through this Pandemic. Many friends and colleagues are live-streaming music, painting (sometimes at…


Wake Up Or Go Back To Bed 

It's a daily morning conundrum for me these days. And more and more I'm tempted to roll back over and sleep until this mess is all over. Which mess? You pick one - there are plenty to go around.


Open? Or Open Season? 

Hard to tell, yet, what the "opening" of the Arizona economy and social structure will yield. While businesses and patrons alike are urged to follow CDC and social distancing guidelines, a peek through just about any bar or restaurant door…


How Long You Gonna Stand (For This) 

When is enough enough? When YOU say it is.

How Long You Gonna Stand

Hate in the air, lightning on the street 
Love on the run 
Thunder in the gutter and blood on the wind 
Your god won’t…


Stay Well And Safe 

We're entering week 8 of Sheltering In Place here at the House Of Strays. No end in sight, as far as I can tell. How are you all making out? Staying sane? Staying positive? I waver between resigned acceptance, abject…


Each Day Is A Tabula Rasa 

What will YOU do with today? We're all just one heartbeat away from whatever happens next, after all. ME? Well, we're entering into our 6th week of being homebound, so my today will likely look very much like my yesterday…


Music Monday on a Tuesday 

I don't know about you, but individual days have lost their meaning to me. Oh, I try to keep to a schedule - but when Saturday looks like Tuesday looks like March I'm not as diligent as I should be.