584 Million Miles 

Is how far I've travelled in the past year. So have you. That's how far our earth travels in one year circling the sun.

When I feel (as I sometimes do) that I am going nowhere, that I'm stuck, it's comforting to know that I'm actually sloping along at 110 million miles an hour. Small wonder I can't keep up with my thoughts.

Having recently had yet another birthday, I was once again taken by the outpouring of well wishes extended to me by friends and family, social-media acquaintances, peers and colleagues. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings and wishes. And thank you all for the gifts of love, friendship, music, perspective and insight you give me every day.

If a man's worth is measured by his friends - I am rich beyond counting. 

Please enjoy, download and share this tune from my CD Up We Go entitled "Did You Ever?" It is not autobiographical in any way. Now if you'll excuse me I have some thoughts I need to chase down....

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a great week!

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