A Whole Lot Of Humble....

I returned from the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival (near Austin, TX) with a couple of epiphanies, a few observations, some new song ideas, and a whole lot of humble. Man, great - GREAT songwriters are everywhere. At least in Dripping Springs they were everywhere! I shared stages with some of the most amazingly talented musicians. Made some friends, made some contacts too I suppose, but  mainly, I came away with a such sense of community with fellow writers I had never met. And we're all different, you know? There was such a wide spectrum of music and styles and content, and all were welcomed and appreciated and - yes, this may seem strange to read - LISTENED to. Yes! Such a concept.

In the coming weeks I'll introduce you to some of the writers with whom I performed, in the hope you will appreciate just how deep the talent pool is, how vibrant and vital are the people writing music. Don't stop with the included links. Check out their YouTube Channels, and the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival website as well! 


First up - Shawn Byrne - "Old"

Then - Jana Pochop - "Money + Heart"


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