Apolitical Blues - I Got 'Em....

I've been accused - and rightly so in most cases - of being disinterested in politics. And I must admit this last election cycle sucked what little interest I did have right away. We have certainly lowered the bar for integrity, intelligence, acceptable behaviors and social discourse to a point never before reached. My only comment on this observation is that we have traditionally, and justifiably, expected - no, demanded - better than average performance by our elected officials
in each of the aforementioned categories. I almost wrote "leaders", but just couldn't do it.

Anyway, enough of this. We shall see what we shall see, I guess. For we songwriters (and artists in general), this should prove a rather fertile time, rich in subject matter for any number of genres. Especially Blues....

Here's a video of a new song, recorded at Tempe Center for the Arts by my friend Cowboy Wrecks, begging the question: How Long You Gonna Stand?

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