Artists You Need To Know, 4 

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with ANDREW ADKINS this past summer in Charleston, WV while on my Summer Soul-Stice Tour. Along from writing, recording and performing his original material all over the country and the world, Andrew is also a luthier of renown, and does much to support and promote music in his Fayetteville, WV area. He's the real deal, friends. He can often be found in the company of multi-instrumentalist CLINT LEWIS. 

Find out more about Andrew and his music HERE

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. I hope you're enjoying meeting some of my friends here, and that you're taking the time to visit their website and (hopefully) support their art. We're in this together, after all. 
Please be kind to one another - we're all we've got.

Here's the title tune from my most recent studio CD Road Of Man. I hope you enjoy....

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