Artists You Need To Know, Pt. 2

We all, as songwriters, write from truth. For some, truth is butterflies and sugar mountains, for others it's shared needles and broken vials and alleyways. I write from my truth, which is different than yours, which is different than hers.

Meet my friend RAY PRIM, a Texas-based singer songwriter. 

He writes from his truth, of course, and his truth is not yours or mine. When he speaks for those who have no voice, we need to listen.

You need to hear his music and his truth. 

Find out more HERE 

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a gentle week filled with music, laughter, love and pleasant company. Be kind to one another - we're all we've got....

Here's a tune from my most recent CD Road of Man - I hope you enjoy "Everybody's Just A Heartbeat Away"

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