Doing The Duo 

For the past several years I've been primarily a solo artist. This has its benefits, for sure: rehearse when and where you want; play exactly what you want in the manner you want; change keys, time signatures and words at your whim; not have to worry about your lack of solid time (a big one, this!). 

What's missing, though, is the magic that can be found in the communion and communication with another musical soul. And there's really nothing like it. When you can find the groove, when the heads and hearts and fingers are all conversing. A soliloquy no more, the soul of a duo is the intensely intimate act of ... listening ... to your partner and responding to and building on what you've heard. Powerful.

Anyway, I've been playing a few shows with a dear friend and wonderful musician, and we seem to have those moments on a regular basis. We each bring something different to the project, our own musical tastes and skills, our backgrounds and stories creating something that is greater than its individual parts.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a delightful and musical week....

Here's a tune from my most recent release It's A Rough World, Baby for your listening and downloading pleasure: Big Ol' Bunch Of Your Love

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