Fundraisers Raise Much More Than Funds! 

Happy Monday! I was invited to be a part of a couple of fundraising shows this past weekend - one for the Phoenix Blues Society's annual membership drive/food drive to benefit St. Mary's - a local food bank here in the Valley, and the other for the North Mountain Visitor Center. Interesting thing about these kinds of events, Aside from raising money - the obvious goal, of course - they also raise awareness of local issues and needs. Perhaps most importantly, in this cycle of ill-will generated by the currently contentious political climate, music based fundraisers raise the collective consciousness, and offer an asylum of sorts, a place where we members of the community can gather in support of a local cause and forget, for a time, the morass of negativity that threatens to overwhelm us every waking moment.

Please enjoy this clip of Rory Block' version of the Robert Johnson tune "Come On In My Kitchen"

And here's the title tune from my first CD - Wills And Won'ts....

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