Hope? Why...? 

I watched with horror and disgust the dash cam video from the latest police murder of a Black man. I listened with horror and disgust as the news correspondent reported that the officer was found not guilty of manslaughter. Of Murder. I realized with horror and disgust that things will never change, and it's with horror and disgust that I admit to being a member of our species, of this culture that we have created.

How can any person not Caucasian have any hope in this country? How can parents not be terrified when their children walk out the door in the morning - terrified of what might happen at the behest, no the caprice of those charged to "PROTECT AND SERVE"? How can they have any hope at all?

The cold-blooded murder of Philandro Castile was, of course, reprehensible. The act of the jury was unconscionable and indefensible. 

So we stamp our little rubber-shod feet, wave our tiny fists in the air, scream about injustice, express outrage, shock and disbelief. We decry the system, just like I'm doing right now. And while we claim to be an enlightened nation of equals and claim to hold ourselves to a higher standard, we must admit, folks, that we're not: enlightened, equal, right minded, fair thinking, judicious nor caring. What we are: mean, selfish, hateful and ignorant and self-serving.

Ry Cooder and David Lindley's version of Woody Guthrie's song VIGILANTE MAN

Title Song from my first CD - Wills And Won'ts

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