How About That Dream? 

Honoring Martin Luther King is an easy thing to do. He was, after all, the figurehead of the PEACEFUL civil rights movement. Not that the civil rights activists of the '60s were met with peaceful opposition. Oh no. That's not the American Way. Or should I say that's not the Entitled White Majority Way. Well, we know what happened. Eventually Peace won. That time. Or so it seemed.

Remember back when PEACEFUL protest was an acceptable form of dissent? But that's not the Entitled White Majority Way.

What about the response from our government military establishment when PEACEFUL protesters assembled at the Capitol? Tear gas. Cracked ribs and fractured skulls. Remember Occupy Wall Street? How did that go? 

So, how about. that dream? How far away are we from its realization?

Much further than anyone wants to believe, and certainly further away than we were four scant years ago.   

Here's my version of Bob Dylan's tune "Down In The Flood (Crash In The Levee)" I claim no rights to this song, it is for instructional purposes only. 

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