I Cannot Write A Love Song, Pt. 2 

Work still in progress, but getting closer. Here's the second verse:

He said "Long ago I loved so fiercely
That current stripped me to the bone
Nothing left but mud and ruin
And sin that I could not atone

As the wall commenced to crumble
So the levee spilled its seed
Naked there against the deluge
Accursed now for oath and deed

I cannot find the proper words
Or a sympathetic melody
Everything suggests a dirge
When I try I find
That I cannot write a love song"

Yep. Songs, when given their head, sometimes take strange turns. 
We shall see.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week.

Here's a tune from my most recent record Road Of Man called "The Rest Is Up To You."I hope you enjoy....

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