I'm A Hungover Consumer.... Please Buy Local! 

Hungover, yes, but not for the reasons you might think (although I did eat enough food this past Thursday to feed several families of Syrian refugees. Of this fact I am not proud.)

The hangover I feel is attributed to the consumer gluttony that started even before the holiday began. As a matter of fact, it's going on right now! Cyber Monday! What?? Our family didn't partake in the frenzy this weekend, although we did go to a movie (my wife's passion), and we saw hordes of bleary-eyed shoppers staggering under the weight of their purchases. And we noticed that the whole "Peace On Earth" thing flies right out the window when there's only one Purple Megatron DeathRay Hand-Held Multi Function WhizMachine left in the entire Valley.

Now, don't get me wrong, we buy stuff like everyone else, so I'm not editorializing here, just observing. But we have made a decision to buy, as much as possible, from local sources when we shop for holiday gifts this year. 

Please consider doing the same? There's an artist or musician or service provider in your community who could use your support, I'm sure, and who would be most appreciative of your patronage! 

Just don't feed 'em....

Please enjoy this track from my first CD Wills And Won'ts called "It's All Right".

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