I'm So Very Sorry 

My calendar tells me that today is Columbus Day. It also says that it's Indigenous Peoples' Day. How's that for a steaming pile of Anglo-Saxon irony?

When I was a kid I remember being excited about the tale of Christopher Columbus' "discovery" of the "new world", and then the subsequent story of the first Thanksgiving. It wasn't until I became the nominal adult that I claim to be that I realized just what Columbus' arrival meant. 

You see, as a school kid I believed what I was taught in class. Math, english, art, music, all seemed to follow incontrovertible rules. So, I assumed, did history. And so I believed that Manifest Destiny was indeed a thing, a real mandate for the expansion of the united states. I mean, it was in the book. Little did I realize that it was just a political, economic expansionist imperative that gave holy credence to what was in truth a rapacious, murderous, racist extermination of multiple cultures. Ordained by ... god. What?

Indigenous Peoples' Day indeed.

And so I apologize to my Native American friends for what was - although not the first - yet another incident in the long line of abuses which, with implied divine ordinance, our society has perpetrated upon those of differing race, culture and creed. 

As we do to this day.

I am so very sorry.... 

Here's a demo of a new tune: One Among Many.

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