In Praise Of All Things Maternal 

Let's face it - we're nowhere (and nobody) without mothers. Yes, yes, we need the male ... ah ... input, if you will, but once the input has been put in, so to speak, mothers take over. They do all the work. They provide sustenance, support, shelter, giving of their own bodies to build ours. Inside their own bodies all this happens. Wow.

I'm at the age where many of my peers are beginning to lose parents. Some have left this physical plane, some are inhabiting their world created by dementia and Alzheimer's. I watch and grieve and try to support as best I can my friends going through this transition. When you mother passes, you say goodbye to the person you have known the longest - indeed, longer by 9 months than the start of your own individual life. The import of this fact still amazes and humbles me.

Anyway, in honor of all things Maternal....

Here's a song I wrote for my wife, but it could just as easily been written to my mother as well.  Please enjoy, download and share, as is your pleasure....

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week.

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