In Praise Of The Independent Musician 

We all know them. Most of us are them: I'm talking about Independent Musicians - those unaffiliated with a label or a record company or a management team, etc. And while we (I) sometimes bemoan the lack of exposure and dearth of high-profile shows, there are in fact many benefits to being independent. 

Perhaps to me the single most important aspect of being independent is that I have complete control of my music. There's no one dictating what to write, what to record, where to play, where NOT to play. I own the rights (both as writer and publisher) to all my songs. Now, the argument can be made that what I do own is a big pile of nothing, but it's my nothing, right? 

I urge you to support independent musicians when you can. BUY their merch. BUY tickets to their shows. BUY their CDs,  DON'T stream their music, because the current paradigm gives artists a pitiable percentage per stream. (THAT is a topic for another screed, however if you're interested please check out the Music Modernization Act). Attending shows and buying music are the two best ways to ensure that independent musicians will be able to continue to create. And that's really a win for everyone.


We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant and music-filled week.... 

My son turns 21 tomorrow, and in his honor I'd like to share with you the title cut from my first CD. Written as fatherly advice to a then very young lad - please enjoy, download and share "Wills And Won'ts"

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