Inspiration, Move Me Brightly 

Happy Monday to you all from the ER Zone! By now I imagine you all have shrugged off the mantle of holiday responsibilities and your lives have returned to normal. Whatever that is; I know here at the Casa De Los Extraviados* "normal" is a moving target!  *Extraviados = Strays

Inspiration is a moving target for me too, sometimes, especially when creating new music. How often I've stared at a blank sheet of paper, just waiting for it to appear! How often I've been working on technical aspects of my playing (and there are many aspects that need attention, believe me!) hoping for a new idea! Odd to me that when inspiration happens it usually arrives unbidden, often in situations completely removed from the creative process. 

And you? I'd love to hear how, when and where inspiration strikes you! Please let me know, if you have a chance and are inspired to do so....

Here's something I hope you find inspiring - David Lindley doing his version of Warren Zevon's song "Vast Indifference Of Heaven"

Have a great week everyone!

And here's a tune from my second CD Up We Go - "I Don't Mind"

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