It's 2021. And...? 

Maybe it's just me. This new year seems to be picking up where the old one left off. Maybe my expectations were too lofty to begin with. My optimism unwarranted. We still have a Pandemic surging across the country. We still have a substantial portion of our population unwilling to to be inconvenienced in any small way to help mitigate its spread. We have a vaccine, but its dissemination has been bolluxed by our dysfunctional government. We have a lying, Pouty Lout in charge, whose minions are trying every trick (legal, illegal, immoral, whatever) they can connive to stay in power.

Sound familiar?

At least the days are getting longer. They're already plenty wide.

Hang in there, friends. It's gonna get worse - on all fronts, I fear - before it gets better. I'm keeping my optimism in my pocket, for now.

Going to stay here in my cocoon and think unhappy things....

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