It's Still The Dream (At Least For Some) 

There's no doubt to my mind that we're a meaner, more selfish nation than we have ever been. Disagree, as is your right, but what passes for acceptable behavior these days - socially, culturally and by our supposed leadership - has set standards of decency back. And with decency's demise comes collateral damage: Human Rights, Social Equality, Tolerance (never a strong trait of the USA), Dignity have all taken hits. And there honestly seems no end to the madness in sight.

So today if you march, or light candles, or attend worship services, or do nothing more than sit quietly and contemplate the meaning of this day of observance, please, please remember what Dr. King's dream was for, recognize how far we are from its realization, and perhaps ask what you might do to further its reach.

Here's a tune from my first CD Wills And Won'ts (for which I have secured a mechanical license, yes) - written in 1930 by a blind fiddle player from West Virginia named Alfred Reed - for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure. Please enjoy "How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live."

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