Love Your Local - Or Lose It! 

It's a well known fact that making a living in the music business is becoming more difficult all the time. And I'm not talking solely about musicians - the difficulties extend throughout the spectrum: recording engineers and studios, small locally owned music stores and venues dedicated to live music are also struggling in the current zeitgeist. 

There's no simple solution to the problem, but I do have a couple of thoughts on how we can help:

1. Support our local music stores. Yes, it's often less convenient. Yes, it often requires some forethought and planning, but most stores can order anything we might need. Yes, it's almost always more expensive. But when we spend our money locally the benefits are local as well. Our purchase may keep the doors open. There's a good chance the store owner is a musician as well - our purchase might enable he or she to follow their passion (which is what we're all trying to do, no?). We can help.

2. Support venues dedicated to live music. And I don't mean just going to our favorite place on open mic night, having a glass of water and playing our two songs. I mean paying the cover charge, buying the ticket, having dinner there on a night when music isn't featured. We can help.

3. Support our local musicians. There is world-class talent right here in our own community, perhaps performing at a venue in your neighborhood. They deserve your recognition and support, and they deserve to keep doing what they're doing. We can help.

Local music, in all its iterations, is not unlike a muscle. The more it's used the stronger it gets. The alternative is atrophy and eventual disappearance.

We can help.

Here are a couple of our world-class talents, Beth Lederman and Felix Sainz, performing her original tune SUPAI WALTZ

And here's one of mine - the much less elegant but no less heartfelt tune featuring Beth on piano, "It's All Right" from my CD Wills And Won'ts


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