Respect. Reflect.  

Originally Decoration Day, this holiday was established initially to honor those killed in the Civil War (which was anything but civil - indeed, is any war?) Eventually the name was changed to Memorial Day, and its intent is to honor those killed in all of America's wars. Indeed.

Too many dead, too many wars. A topic for another time.

It's noble and right and good to memorialize those who gave their lives for their country. Their belief in and willingness to die for the American Ideal is laudable and honorable. However some - many, and one could argue most - had no say in the matter regarding their service. The Draft was far from equitable, history has shown, with the preponderance of conscripts coming from a poor, undereducated, marginalized, minority demographic. The wealthy and white sons (and now, daughters) had means of avoidance available to them that the poor and colored did not. 

But that's yet another topic for another time, not for this screed.

We are all teachers to the generation(s) that succeed us, whether we recognize it or not. Just as the action of our forbears has affected the course of our lives, what we do now will affect those who follow. I hope we are remembered for the good things we've taught - equality, liberty and justice for all, for example - and not those human traits many of us so willingly espouse today - greed, anti-intellectualism, jingoism and wanton disregard of fact.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. Please be kind to each other - we're all we've got....

Here's a demo version of a new song - "The Other Side Of The World". I hope you enjoy.

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