Midweek musings from the House Of Strays 

The holidays are behind us for another season, at least until next September (when Home Depot will once again roll out the fake Christmas trees and plastic wreaths).

In the past I've made resolutions for the new year. I imagine most of us have done. I've seen my typical resolutions kinda become my daily mantra - to be a better husband and father, give more of myself than I take from others, don't be a dick, etc. etc. - and I'm sure the Celestial Overseer gets a chuckle when I check in every morning. This year I'm making only one resolution: for each task, whatever it may be - from the mundane to the sacred - to honestly and humbly try to do the best I can. Oh, and to not be a dick....

We here at the House of Strays - humans ER, Scarlet, WalkDog, Peege and Squeek and [humans' owners] Biggus, Winnie, Mrfl - a dog so bereft of hope that we've elided all vowels from his name - and Bug wish everyone a healthy and happy 2018, filled with love and laugh and pleasant company, and of course music.

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