More Apolitical Blues - Yep, Still Got 'Em 

Well, thinking it would all be over after the inauguration, that our government would perhaps begin to consider the needs of its people, I was feeling uncharacteristically optimistic for a short while. It was an uncomfortable sensation, this optimism. Silly me, right, considering the regime now in place? Nice to know that some things will never change - brief, halcyon moments in history excepted; that humans will continue to kowtow to the powerful, the powerful will continue to exploit every possible resource (human, biological, environmental) for personal gain, that injustice will still be tolerated as long as it turns a buck, and that rules are for the weak.

On a happier note, it's Monday. 

We still have music.

For now.

Please enjoy this video of Little Feat (with guest Mick Taylor) playing A Apolitical Blues

And here's a tune from my first CD "Wills And Won'ts" written during the Great Depression by Blind Alfred Reed, a fiddler from West Virginia. We're still singing about the same stuff today....

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