Musings On Manchester 

I'm not really a praying guy, although I'll admit that I've invoked the name of the Holy and requested intervention a time or two. But at this point in our species' evolution I'm thinking it might be time wipe the slate clean and start again. I will not pretend to know - or understand - all the machinations that created the unstable and untenable environment in the middle east, but I will suggest that the Divine's "ultimate creation", if that's what you believe we are, is absolutely and fatally flawed.

I'd like to believe otherwise, but given the crimes we continually perpetrate against ourselves, against our children for chrissake, against the environment and other species tells me that we're not even close to as good as we'd like to think we are. Maybe we need a little eternity to straighten us out....

I'll send prayers for the folks in Manchester, as I'll pray for the victims of the next horrific act. But I don't know to Whom or What, nor Where to send them. 

Enjoy Jeffrey Foucault's version of Bob Dylan's SEÑOR

And here's UP WE GO, title song form my second CD, for your downloading pleasure.


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