New Records By Old Heroes - John Prine and Ry Cooder 

Undoubtedly you have your favorite artists, and have had for a long time. I can remember as a youngster waiting for the release of the new Allman Brothers record, rushing to get it (when I could afford to) and then playing it back to back to back to back to back to ... well, you get the idea. I'm sure my parents had Midnight Rider and In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed running through their subconscious.

Recently one of my songwriting heroes, John Prine, announced the release of his latest record. With advancing age and some fairly serious health issues to contend with, Prine's new record means more than just a bunch of new songs. It could very well be his last recording. We can't all be Keith Richard or Willie Nelson, after all.

I plan to rush right out and get it when it becomes available. Or rush right to the keyboard and buy the download, more likely. And I will do the same when Ry Cooder's new record is for sale. 

Two old favorites - heroes to me for different reasons, both touchstones to a time in my musical development when all was wonder. When heroes were heroes by dint of their musical accomplishments, not the result of the budget of their promotional teams.

We here at the House Of Strays, with our microscopic promotional budget, wish you all a pleasant week of heroic music....

For your FREE downloading, listening and sharing pleasure, please enjoy this tune from my second record Up We Go. I Don't Mind....

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