New Tunes And Fresh Meat (A Vegetarian's Guide To Songwriting)

Yep, I'm a Vegetarian. Been one for a long time - since well before it became trendy. I'd tell you the year I quit eating meat of any kind, but then you'd probably extrapolate from that info just how old I really am, so ... no.

Full disclosure: I am NOT Vegan. Cheese enchiladas are not something I am willing to forego. Judge me if you will.

Additional disclosure: I'm not really writing about Vegetarians here, I just threw that bit about meat in the title because I've for a long time felt, when working on new material, that I'm just so much fresh meat in the hands (or, occasionally, the frying pan) of the Music Chef. And sometimes, let me tell you, I feel like overcooked Hamburger Helper with a ton of ketchup. Rarely, but often enough to keep me coming back to the kitchen, I feel like a fine New York Strip, medium, with a side of freshly steamed baby asparagus and a bottle of lusty full-bodied Cabernet. 

Well, all this talk of food hasn't made me hungry, exactly, but it has whetted my appetite to get back to work.

Please enjoy this tune from DAVID LINDLEY AND WALLY INGRAM "The Meatman"


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