On Being A Vegetarian In Memphis, And Other Oddities 

Yep - more than likely my wife - the lovely Scarlet - and myself were the only vegetarians on Beale Street during this month's International Blues Challenge. I was fortunate to compete again in the Challenge, making it to the Semi-Finals this year. Got some very encouraging and positive feedback from some of the judges at my venues, met up with some old friends, made some new friends and business contacts, basted myself in the music for a week and quite possibly did irreparable damage to my arteries. But then, Scarlet and I were sans-enfants pour six jours glorieux as well:) 

Anyway, we found sustenance where we could - Scarlet eats the occasional shrimp and crab cake and me - well, I ate biscuits. And cheesy grits (no vegan here!). And some more biscuits. We became biscuit gourmands. I became a biscuit gourmand, anyway, (Scarlet having more sense than me) to the point of - almost - needing a new belt. As a result, upon our return home and reflecting on some of my culinary excesses in the dough department, I wrote a song-ette called "Biscuit Boy Blues" which I share with you HERE

Recommendation: The Blue Plate Cafe in Memphis for ... biscuits!
Recommendation: avoid any offering of BBQ tofu should you encounter it....

Have a great week, and please feel free to download my tune "Did You Ever" from the CD Up We Go

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