Open? Or Open Season? 

Hard to tell, yet, what the "opening" of the Arizona economy and social structure will yield. While businesses and patrons alike are urged to follow CDC and social distancing guidelines, a peek through just about any bar or restaurant door will show who's taking things seriously. I get it. Businesses are going broke. People are needy. And hungry. And socially starved. Something has to give, and I guess at some point, maybe two weeks hence we'll see the upshot of folks being back in the slipstream.

Take good care, and be kind to one another whether you (or they) are wearing a mask or not. Be kind from six feet away.

We here at the House Of Strays wish to thank all frontline medical personnel, all teachers, artists, creators, military personnel and everyone who has kept us up and running, after a fashion, as the Pandemic progresses. Please keep yourselves safe.

Here's a solo acoustic demo version of my song Angels. I hope you enjoy it.

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