Patriots Win! I Am A Patriot!

Remember when it was OK to love your country without feeling the need to kill everyone who didn't support or believe the tenets upon which your country was built? Seems these days it's all too easy to hate, all too easy to accept - and follow - the logic of a section of our society that would have us isolate ourselves from the rest of the global community. It's OK to wave that flag wide and high. It's OK to be proud of America and Americans. It's OK to co-exist with factions that don't share our beliefs. It's OK to be a patriot.

Enjoy Jackson Browne's (with David Lindley on a Danelectro Silvertone in the background!) version of Little Steven Van Zandt's tune "I Am A Patriot"

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  • Robert
    Robert The desert
    That was tasteful. Thanks for sharing.

    That was tasteful. Thanks for sharing.

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