Pre-Election Day Blues 

I know what you're thinking. "He's finally going to post something political, I knew it, I knew it, I knew he couldn't hold out because he's weak weak weak and a mealy-mouthed prevaricator and...." Right? That's what you were thinking. Because I am weak - weak of mind, certainly, weak of spirit on occasion (although my beloved Scarlet has trained that right out of me), and (increasingly) weak of body. That's a topic for another time....

But you're WRONG!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Wrong!!! I'm not saying anything about the election! Nothing! The title was a shameless ruse to get you to read further, as I really post about nothing. That's the thing I know the most about.

But I will introduce you to another singer/songwriter friend of mine. His name is Dan Patterson. We met at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival this past October. Dan is from Lubbock, Texas, has an Agricultural degree from Texas A&M, and is married to a woman who is most certainly bound for sainthood. He's also a tremendously talented songwriter, and I hope you enjoy this song of his entitled "She'll Have To Wait

The world is a much better place because Dan has chosen to make music rather than taking the temperatures - rectally - of breeding longhorns....

And while you're listening, here's a song of mine, from my first CD Wills And Won'ts called "I Don't Mind" (which decidedly NOT what the breeding longhorns would have thought)

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