Rain In The Desert, or What It Feels Like To Witness A Miracle 

Yes, Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus! And it rains in the desert, Well, of course the former is not true, just another lie perpetuated on the young by people in authority - get used to it, Virginia. However, it really does rain in the desert. I saw it. With my own two eyes. 

It had been 100+ days since we'd had any measurable precipitation - this in what is nominally called our 'rainy season" when we might expect to get half of our annual average of 9 inches. The remainder usually comes in our quaintly (some might say laughably) termed "monsoon", purportedly in July-early September. 

We've been in a drought though, for the last 10 to 15 years, with increasingly drier winters and almost non-existent monsoon rains.

So please forgive the giddiness of this screed. One tends to be a bit overabundant when one sees a miracle in real time.

As always - stay safe, stay well, wear your mask.

Here's a demo of a new tune, "I Really Want To Feel The Music". Apropos to nothing, I just wanted to share....

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