Sometimes, amidst the constant babble of our everyday, I find myself yearning for ... silence. A break from the cacophony of news, advertisements, pleadings, askings, avowals, defamations, orders, warnings, solicitations, requests....

Most of this happens in my head, of course. It's pretty easy to sequester myself from the buzz happening outside my window. Harder to make it quiet inside my noggin. I've tried meditation (fell asleep). I've tried medication (fell asleep). I've tried intoxication (fell asleep AND felt awful the next day).

Creating music provides for me a way to silence all superfluous noise, while staying awake and unimpaired. When creating, I have no sense of time, and sometimes space. I'm allowed to be completely in the moment, and when things are working well, that moment can last for what seems like a long time. And no hangover.

Creating music lets me be still, if that makes any sense. It lets me be. 

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. We hope you can find some quiet when you most need to. Be kind to one another out there - we're all we've got....

Here's a tune from my most recent CD Road Of Man. "Cocoon" recorded live in concert at the Prescott Library Coffeehouse Series. - with a little bonus track that follows. I hope you enjoy.


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