Singin' and Songwritin' Been Very Good To Me! 

Now, don't be mislead by the title of this post - it's not financial gain I'm talking about. Not yet, anyway:) But in terms of musical fulfillment, personal enrichment and interpersonal relationships ... well ... let's just say that I count myself among the richest of men. I've met, performed with, learned from and become friends with an amazing array of artists - folks whose backgrounds span the spectrums of culture, race, class, education, social demographic and gender. I am indeed a very lucky, blessed man.

And here's an example: Please enjoy my friend Abe Partridge as he performs his song "Escambia County".

Here's a song from my latest CD Up We Go, called "Do You Ever Think Of Me"

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  • Marci Ramsey
    Marci Ramsey
    So proud of you, baby!

    So proud of you, baby!

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