Songwriters In the Round - The Four "I's"

Intimate, Immediate, Intimidating, Inspiring. 

Some of the most positive musical experiences I've ever had have involved sharing the stage (and, yes, spotlight) with another songwriter or two in a "In The Round" type of environment. I became aware of this kind of thing in Nashville, and shows have become popular all over the place - there are entire weekends dedicated to singer-songwriters where performers share stages, songs and stories. The DRIPPING SPRINGS SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL is one such gathering. 

Sharing the stage with other songwriters is intimate, immediate, intimidating and inspiring indeed. Audiences seem to really enjoy hearing the stories behind the songs - I know I do! - and the onstage banter is often as entertaining as the music. Occasionally there are impromptu jams, a harmony added here, a guitar fill there, and that's a treat for performer and audience member alike. 

If you have the opportunity, please check out this performance format - you'll be happy you did!

And check out THIS performance: Jeffrey Foucault STRIPPING CANE


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