State Of Grace, Pt. 4

And the journey continues - second verse stanzas as they currently exist:

Is Grace a state of the Union or a state of the mind 
Or just a construct to help us feel better in time 
Does the road of forgiveness lead to the State Line of Grace 
‘Cause I’m not really sure how to get there 

Simple is as simple does - I like the way that sounds 
But chaos always seems to follow me around 
They say it’ll get a little easier 
I don’t think I believe them 
And I’m not really sure what easier means

I'm hoping to have a demo track for you next week. Hoping. We shall see - this process, as those of you songwriters out there know - has a timeline and a life all its own. All attempts to bend it to my will result in abject failure :) 

Have a great week, everyone, and please be kind to one another - we're all we've got....

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