Summer Soul-Stice Tour 

Indeed, it is upon us. Dates are confirmed, routes chosen, truck serviced, wardrobe (hah!) selected, strings changed - let the worrying begin!

Actually, this is very exciting to me. I am sad to be gone from my family for almost three weeks (although they will undoubtedly survive, nay, thrive, in my absence). I am most thankful for the love and support of my wife, who has made this tour possible. Without her I would still be digging ditches, running pipe and pulling wire. But then without her I would be nothing at all....

Anyway - if you'd like to follow along with my journey, I'll be posting regularly (I hope) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find those links right on the website. I'll also try to post a blog entry as well. All this sounds like a great plan, we'll see how well my posting goes once the realities of the road kick in.

Thank you for your continued support. It means more to me than you can possibly know.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. Be kind to each other - we're all we've got....

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