Talking Blues, Pt. 1 

One of my favorite Blues idioms, and one that you seldom hear these days, is Talking Blues. A sub-genre of Country Blues and a precursor to Rap, the combination of lyrical content and the free form style in which it is delivered makes for a compelling creation, and one that seems - to me - to be particularly well-suited for social and political editorial. Here's part one of my as yet untitled Talking Blues:

This here is an open letter to each and every one 
I imagine it’ll make some of you mad, though some might think it’s fun - ny 
Some of you might squirm with discomfort, some may cut and run 
Specially if you’re already angry before this song’s been sung 
I only hope that some of you don’t go and fetch your gun 
     I ain’t exactly a moving target 
There’s something in the air these days - something on the wind 
How in the world can we explain away these times we’re living in 
I’m not really sure just where or even how to begin 
To untangle and unravel this muddy mess we find ourselves in 
And I’m wonderin’ what kind of world are we leaving for our kin 
     I don’t know, I’m just thinkin’

We here at the House Of Strays wish you all a pleasant week. Be kind to one another out there....

Here's a tune from my most recent record Road Of Man for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure: The Rest Is Up To You

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