Talking Blues, Pt. 2 

If you checked in last week you were subjected to the first verse of "Talking Blues". The Chorus (to follow) was written first, actually, a few weeks ago. It was one of those things that popped up, landed in a notebook, and then languished there for a while until the rest of the song could catch up. It's topical in nature, I guess, but unfortunately maybe universal too. It kinda depends on the day. Anyway, here you go:

The truth ain’t what you hear about 
It ain’t what you read 
You can’t find it with your mobile phone 
On your Twitter feed 
The truth ain’t black and it ain’t white 
It ain’t only in your head 
Truth is - the truth is on life support 
If it ain’t already dead

So that's your weekly Jolt Of Joy from the House Of Strays. We hope you have a good week. Be kind to one another....

Here's a demo version, warts and all, of a new tune that's currently in the Meat Grinder: "The Other Side Of The World"

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