Talking Blues Pt. 3 

I know I've tortured you with the first two installments of my new tune "Talking Blues", and this week is no exception. Here's the second verse:

An enormous amount of hubris defines your insolence 
Propped up as you are by all your fellow Arrogants 
Running ‘round in circles proclaiming self defense 
Denying culpability and worse, denying recompense 
To that tattered evil army of hungry children shivering in your tents 
     Humanity, yeah, that’s a tall order 
There’s really no such thing as invincibility 
That’s only true in comic books and movies on TV 
The apple never falls too far from that ol’ family tree 
And I for one do not appreciate your trying to put the blame on me 
‘Cause there’s nothing worse than being forced to fight what you can’t see 
     If I were you, I’d keep prayin’ 
     My my my your god must be busy….

Third and final installment (I promise!) to follow next week, when I will hopefully have a demo recording for you as well. Until then, we here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. Be kind to one another....

Here's the title track from my very first CD - for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure: "Wills And Won'ts"

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