Thank you, BB King 

We lost a true gem last week, when BB King joined the rhythm section of Heaven's Badass Band. Can you imagine he and the Alberts (King and Collins) trading licks, while Stevie Ray licks his chops waiting his turn? No one ever breaks a string there, I bet, and whammy bars never pull the guitars out of tune. No tipsy angel ever spills heavenly nectar into your amp, and hearing loss is a thing of the past. Oh the joy!
Meanwhile on the earthly plane - we continue to muddle about, breaking picks and dropping notes, modulating when we shouldn't and playing clams. All in the name of this muse we follow.

Well, BB, your journey is over. You walked  with grace, you entertained with class and you gave your gift of music freely and with love. Thank you for all you've done. We are all forever in your debt....

Here's a song I wrote for another occasion, but I find it apropos today. I hope you do too. It's called Hard Fall.

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