The Love Circuit 

 I'm talking about the synergy that exists between an artist performer and the audience.

There's a special kind of magic that happens every so often, and it's one of the most powerful emotional forces I've ever encountered. When a performer and his audience are both open and receptive and respectful and engaged and ... present ... the energy, the love, that passes back and forth between the two entities is a real, palpable current. This current serves to elevate the performer, certainly, who is the direct recipient of the audience's engagement. The listeners, in turn, receive from the artist a new level of understanding - of the sweat, tears, angst and love that infuses his creation. 

This current is passed back and forth, back and forth, building strength and momentum, allowing the artist and the audience to achieve ever higher levels of performance, appreciation and grace. 

I've felt it. Yes, I have. I hope you have as well.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week being carried along by the currents of Love and Grace. And remember to be kind to one another - we're all we've got....

Here's a tune from my most recent studio recording Road Of Man. It's called "The Rest Is Up To You". I hope you enjoy it.

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