The Power Of The Muse, and Happy Mardi Gras! 

It's something we all go through, right? Sooner or later - unless you're Bob Dylan, or Paul Simon, or Steve Poltz - we songwriters run up against what seems to be the Immovable Object. And as much as we'd like to believe our art is the Irresistible Force of All Right And Good, we really know better. My Muse (capitalized, yes, intentionally, I deify Her for better or worse) is about as fickle and mercurial as a sixth grader on the first day of middle school. By turns surly and sweet, petulant and mollifying. Oh Fortuna. Ever the capricious sprite....*

And what do I do on those days when I got nothing? Well, sometimes I'll break out the banjo or mandolin or lap steel. That'll usually set the dogs to howling, which provides a temporary distraction. Or I'll practice some technical aspect of my guitar playing that needs attention - lord knows there's plenty of work that needs to be done there. Mainly, though, I just try to put in The Work, Any Work, and to be present to the process. There've been times when a new idea will manifest as a result of noodling away. 

Enjoy the week ahead, and in the spirit of Mardi Gras this video of the Neville Brothers featuring the Dixie Cups Brother John > Iko Iko

* Not my line - credit John Kennedy Toole and his masterpiece Confederacy Of Dunces set, coincidentally, in New Orleans

And here's one of mine with a vaguely Mardi Gras theme for you to download, should you care to....

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    I have a tune we kin werk on togither...

    I have a tune we kin werk on togither...

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