The Vast Indifference Of Heaven

I saw what happened in Charlottesville. You did too. Yet I know there's still beauty in the world. I know there's still love out there. I know that the ugliness and meanness that is so pervasive in our country today is more a manifestation of the ugliness and meanness of our current leadership than the true nature of we the people. Rationally I know this. We know this - otherwise how do we get out of bed in the morning? Emotionally, though, viscerally, I'm not nearly as certain. And now more than ever (in my lifetime, anyway) we need to support and honor the Artists and Creators who show us not only what is but what can be. They might just be our best - perhaps our only - chance for redemption as we hammer away beneath the vast indifference of heaven....

David Lindley's version of Warren Zevon's song THE VAST INDIFFERENCE OF HEAVEN


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