This Year 

Here's a new song for you. I wrote it a couple of weeks ago and recorded a demo version. I also just released a YouTube video (#24 in my COVIDeo Series, but who's counting). Neither version is pristine in sound quality or performance, but that's ok. This song lends itself to imperfection. That's what the lyric is all about.

I hope you enjoy it:

This Year 

Everything was gonna be better this year 
Doors that would open, oh the possibilities 
But it seems like the world’s conspired to keep me on my knees 
This year 

My songs were gonna be better this year 
But listening to the playback I can see I missed the mark 
Guess I’m still fumbling around here in the dark again 
This year 

Damn this night and damn the day to follow. 
Lord send me a pill that ain’t bitter to swallow 
Anything to bring me some peace 
And maybe let me sleep 

I was gonna be better this year 
But looking at the empties strewn across the floor 
Things are pretty much the same was they were before 
This year 
Everything was gonna be better this year

We here at the House Of Strays hope that you're keeping well, healthy and safe. Be kind to one another - we're all we've got....

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