Three Cheers For The Venues 

We musicians sometimes think we have it rough; writing, rehearsing, recording, practicing, doing bookings, social media updates, gigging, equipment maintenance, cold calling venues, etc. etc. etc.

Venues have it rough sometimes, too. Aside from usual business headaches like staffing, procurement, insurance, employee benefits, dealing with local code enforcement officials, health department worries, dealing with musicians (!) etc., Venue owners have to figure out a way to keep the doors open. As musicians we have (or should have) a vested interest in the keeping the venues open. Obviously.

I've spoken with a couple of small-venue owner whom I consider to be friends and they've noticed a decided dip in attendance and customer support in the last year or so. This drop off doesn't reflect the typical cyclic nature of their business, they maintain, but portends something larger, something that feels more permanent. They wonder if it might have to do with the cultural shift brought on by the most recent election cycle. I hate to think so - indeed, I've long maintained that when people feel bad or uneasy or threatened they often turn to escapist mediums to "take a break from it all" - as my Grampy used to say. And so I have (perhaps wrongfully) assumed that going to live music shows would fall into the same category.

Let's hope we're all wrong, that the down tick of interest in local music and small venues that support it is just a blip and not a sign and symptom of some darker issue.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. 

Please enjoy this tune from my most recent record Road Of Man - Cocoon.

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