Use It Or Lose It 

Some dear friends of mine living in the Hill Country of Texas opened a venue in the community in which they live. The idea was to provide an outlet for local musicians, touring professionals and headline caliber entertainers. They would also host classic movie screenings and make the facility available for civic functions and private events.

So what do you think happened? Right. They are closing the doors after November. 

It's not they didn't book good acts. First-tier Nashville singer songwriters graced their stage. Local and touring troubadours routinely booked shows at the Uptown Art House. The quality and quantity of entertainment was truly staggering. All within a stone's throw of Austin, self proclaimed "Live Music Capital Of The World". So indeed, what happened?

Well, the bottom line is not enough people were interested in live music to support the venue. The residents didn't, couldn't or wouldn't see the value of such an establishment to their community. Perhaps if my friends had opened a karaoke bar things would have gone differently.

I feel bad for my friends, for the community of Marble Falls, for the artists who won't have an opportunity to play there. We as a culture don't value the arts, the creators, the providers and purveyors of beauty. We probably never will.

But when we don't use it, we lose it. And then blame someone else....

Here's a tune from my new CD Road Of Man - "Cocoon" I hope you enjoy it.


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