Walkin' In Memphis, pt. 6 - A Post-Mortem

Perhaps Post-Mortem is inaccurate - that title would suggest something  died. This couldn't be further from the truth: Arizona music is alive and very, very well.

I wasn't able to catch every note of every performance by our Arizona contingent, but I did make it to every set for at least a little while. Here's what I heard and saw: Smokestack Lightning Tearing it up at the Jerry Lee Lewis nightclub. These guys left their souls on the stage when they played in Memphis. They were truly inspiring. The RD Olson Blues Band had an unenviable early slot at the legendary BB King's show club, but they burned the place to the ground - at 5:30 in the afternoon! Sweet Baby Ray (DeSylvester) wowed the crowd at King's Palace - an intimate venue that worked perfectly with his up-close-and-personal performance style. I felt like I played two strong sets at Silky O'Sullivan's Irish Bar, and got a great crowd response both nights.

Perhaps most inspiring was the Youth Showcase, where Brian Kabala did a fantastic job. The future of the Blues (at least in Arizona!) is in very good hands! None of the AZ gang were selected for the Semifinals, but I suppose that's no surprise. Judging is inherently subjective, and there were certain things the judges were looking for in the acts that, apparently, none of us possessed. There were many many fine artists there, and the winners were certainly deserving.

Many and continued thanks to the Phoenix Blues Society for all their help and support. And thanks most of all to the incredible Phoenix Blues Community, who accepted me - a newcomer to the blues scene - with love and unqualified support. Thank you to all the friends old and new that have made this experience one of a lifetime.

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  • RD Olson
    RD Olson Prescott
    Thanks Eric...We all did our best to make Arizona proud in Memphis...

    Thanks Eric...We all did our best to make Arizona proud in Memphis...

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