We Should All Have A Dream 

Dreams. Remember dreams? We've all had 'em. Some of us still do, and although our dreams at 16 might be different from our dreams at 50 they are still important, still worth pursuing. My dreams are different from yours, no doubt, but are your dreams less valid than mine? Is anyone's dream less valid than yours?

Dreams foster growth. Remember growth?

In this man's humble opinion we should all - every single one of us regardless of color, creed, wealth, skill, ethnicity, education, lineage, genetic heritage, upbringing, social status (whatever THAT is), earning power, age, musical tastes, literacy, political leanings or beliefs - share one dream. 

We should all be working, in our own way, toward a world filled with peace, honesty, integrity, equality and love. And we should all try to honor the words of the man whose legacy we celebrate every year the third Monday in January. 

"I never even knew I was a sinner. Never understood the concept of a saint. All I ever tried to do was to be as kind to you as I wanted you to be to me. Tell me what else do we need?"

Here's a song I wrote for the holidays, but its message resonates today. Enjoy and share, if you care to. 


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