Welcome 2018 (It's Not Like We Have A Choice In The Matter) 

Goodbye to 2017 as well. While it's easy to say "good riddance" to 2017 and all its ugly moments, there was a lot of beauty in the past year as well. And perhaps the lesson we can take from 2017 is that there's always beauty - we just have to dig a little for it sometimes.

Understand that those words were just written by someone who seems to become more cynical with each passing day/week/month/year. So forgive me if I lapse into Singer Songwriter Mode on occasion (complete with minor chord dirge-driven bridge). I will make an effort this year to write one happy song. Ok, well, maybe one song with wry, self-effacing humor. One song in a major key. With no clichés.

We'll take this one day at a time.

And we'll NOT start this week. Here's my song "Never Be Free" from the album Up We Go - for your downloading and sharing pleasure:

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